Some history

Well if you found this new blog, you either know me, or you love fishing for trout around the Smoky Mountains as much as I do. I’ve got a little info in my “about” section, but I thought I would expand a little so you can know my background.

I was born in the maritimes of Canada and started fishing with my grandfather, dunking worms for brook trout. As the summer would lengthen my grandfather would go out in the evenings and fly fish for Atlantic Salmon. And on some glorious evenings, he would hook one and yell up to our cottage for me to come land this silver torpedo. It only took once for me to reel in one of these big fish and realize I needed to learn how to use a fly rod.

On a birthday I received my first fly rod, a 4 weight Fenwick two-piece. I learned that river like the back of my hand and spent about 13 summers trying for square tails and big salmon.

After college and some work, I moved to Vermont for a job and conveniently some great fishing. I only had a couple of seasons for fishing, but found my wife and a great extended family. I then came to the Smoky Mountains.

I’ve been fishing around here now for a few years, and especially Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’ve discovered What I think is a good strategy for fishing these waters and I’ve been pretty successful. There are lots of streams I haven’t fished, but I’m hoping to get to them all and write about them here.

So hopefully you will get something from this blog. Whether it is a fly that is working or a quick tip, or just some fish pics and another way to look at some of the gorgeous waters around these mountains.


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