Winter scouting

Every winter I like to try and find a few places that I haven’t fished before.  This weekend I got a chance to do a little off roading in my brother-in-law’s FJ, and take a look at a small stream I’ve heard about before.  I was thinking maybe this could be a good spot in the summer when the weather is hot, and maybe this could be a nice shaded cool area to pick up some wild brook trout.

First thing I learned, my truck wouldn’t make it very far without being ripped apart from the bottom up.  Second, I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.  There are some nice plunge pools and a few nice runs, but the water quickly turns shallow and very small.  I think there could be some nice little runs and pools, but it would take a couple of hours to get there and a pretty small chance of fish.  Nice spot and maybe somewhere to camp this summer.

The first winter after I moved to Vermont, I drove up the ice covered Winooski River Rd looking at a large river and wondering how I would fish it. I never did very well on that stretch of water when I was there, but I still remember scouting it out in the winter and getting excited for the spring fishing.


4 responses to “Winter scouting

  • your protege

    Hey! We are coming out there superbowl weekend so… next weekend.. one week from today. Find another, better spot…?

    We are staying at the biltmore inn for one night, doing the winery thing. Maybe yall could join us.

    Are there fly fishing spots on the estate/ french broad ?

    We should totally camp here in the summer?!?!

  • Paul V Raymond

    Scouting in Vermont in the winter almost as tuff as fishing the section of the Winooski you were scouting those many years ago. Been tying or at least trying to tie some flies this winter but it’s been hard to get back into it, some times the fingers don’t want to work the way they use to, pulse the brain just dose not want to remember the old ways.
    I’ve been fishing a lot of emergers the last few years so i’ll be working on those and some streamers.
    Still have a few months before ice out in Vermont

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