The longest fly fishing yard

So this past weekend turned into an epic fail. I feel bad as the fishing has been picking up, but I haven’t been able to hit it just yet. So I decided to explore a little more and figured hiking a couple of miles would be ok to find some fish. Wrong.

I talked to my favorite outfitter and told him where I was thinking of going. He thought it was a great idea. I of course didn’t heed the warning of the steep terrain.

Saturday morning I hit the trail at 8:30 and started down…and down…and down. I hiked (down) for over an hour before even seeing the stream widden out. I quickly realized that I had made a mistake, and going upnwas going to be a monster.

So at least the fishing must have been good right? Wrong. The water we got earlier in the week was pushing the water faster then I thought. Started with emergers and nymphs wiyh nothing. Saw some small black caddis so put a #18 black caddis on and missed a few small fish.

By now I was worried about the walk out. And I should have been. Walking back out took over 2 hours all uphill. Not joking like your dad walking uphill to school; I mean uphill the entire way. It was awful.


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