Day 1 of Fishing Week

Last week, we got a lot of rain in the Smokies, so Saturday and Sunday were out for fishing for me.  I got the week started off by deciding between a couple of favorite places of mine and by studying the USGS water charts.  I made my choice and hit the water about 9:30.

It was a little cool and the fishing started off slow.  Saw a huge turkey on the trail first thing and watched him hight tail it the other direction.  I was switched back and forth between fishing underneath and fishing dries.  As it warmed up, the Quill Gordons started hatching and I stuck to the dry flies.

Brookie fooled by an Adams

The water was still a little high and still fast.  Started to find some fish at the tail end of pools in some slack water runs.  They were tougher to find then usual on this stretch of water, but I started keying in on where the fish were.  Picked up a few nice brook trout and a couple of rainbows throughout the day.  Missed a few and gave a few small ones the helicopter ride with the 5 weight.  On the way back down I fished a few holes near the road and missed a good sized fish.  That got me changing flies and seeing if I could snag him.  I jumped over one fly, bumped another, and I just missed on a couple others.  He won and got to stay in his hole, but I had a great time.

I also got to try out the new video camera, and here are few links to some videos I took throughout the day.  I erased the one of me eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, no one wants to see that.

Video links:

Stream Video

Brook Trout Video


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