Day 2 of Fishtopia

Rainbow getting pulled in

It was much cooler and the rain was pouring this morning when i woke up for Day 2.  I wanted to fish my favorite spot in the Park, a place I don’t tell a lot of people about and I lie about if I go there and someone asks where I’ve been.  I like it that much.  I’ve had big days on this stream and caught a lot of fish on good days.  The water was still high and I didn’t think it would be a good day, but this stream produced again.

The first spot I fished I caught a large brown that was at the tail of a seam right before a drop into another pool after only a few casts.  It was a great fish, one of two big fish of the day.  It was difficult to find some slack water, and I was catching fish on the edges.  Got the other large fish after it rose for a Quill Gordon.  I tied on a new fly and put down one cast right in the lane and it took.  Another really large fish for the day.  The fish all took dries, Quill Gordon, Adams, and Hare’s Ear Parachutes.  I got fish here and there just probing any slack water I could find.  All the fish were large for the park and had some fat bellies.  They have been feeding well.

Rainbow peeking through

And away he goes

Day 2 was a big success and I can’t wait to fish there again.  Debating on tomorrow after rain today, but I may go fish my nemesis tomorrow or Thursday.  We’ll see.

As you can see, I’m also still figuring out my new camera.

Rainbow Video.

Thanks for reading!


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