Day 3 of Trout-a-thon

So I woke up feeling sick and thought that fishing wouldn’t happen today. But a little coffee and some dayquill and I thought, what the hell. I planned on hitting the Davidson, which I never do well at, and chase some very big fish.

If you know anything about the Davidson, it’s an almost surreal experience. A huge parking lot with guides and sports, lots of fisher man, and the hatchery literally behind you. So with that, I put on a #24 grey midge (thanks @foul_hook) and started out. Fish started rising to the midge right at the bat. I missed a large brown and tried to get him for about an hour. Missed another large rainbow in another pool above the hatchery. Once the fisherman outnumbered the fish, i decided to move on.

Big hole on the D where a monster lives

I found a spot, but another fisherman was coming off the water. Asked him how he was doing and he said the fish were rising, but he was fishing nymphs only. He was right. A hatch of midges and a few mayflies were coming off and the fish where jumping out of the water right next to a rock wall. I threw a cast and lipped a trout right out of the water. It was about my 10th missed hookup of the day. After a few other misses I put a Parachute Hare’s Ear on and was getting ready to throw against the wall again. I put the fly in the middle of a seem to strip out more line when….A MASSIVE rainbow slammed the damn fly! It actually frightened me. The take was huge and I overreacted and set the hook waaaaaay too hard. I was using 6X tippet and it broke right at the blood knot. I was devastated. It would have been the biggest trout on a fly rod for me for sure. Stocker or not, it was that big. Had another large fish on an emerger after that and lost it when it spit the hook rolling.

It was a nice day and it’s hard to find time to fish the Davidson, but I may get back one day to try my luck at the big fish again.

Thanks for reading.


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