Last day of fish mania!

First brown of the day

Still not feeling 100%, I got up late and debated about going out. It was cold in the morning, in the low 30’s. I told myself that it was ok, the fish wouldn’t be biting, have another cup of coffee. I finally got myself in gear and hit the road. I decided to go to my favorite spot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park since it fished so well earlier in the week in high water, and this was probably my last day for the week.

It takes about an hour and half door to dirt, and I got there a little before noon. It was still a little cool but warming up. This stream has nice big pools at the bottom and it is fishing much better than last year. I took the first pull off at the first big pool. Picked a fly to prospect with and a dozen casts in, had a nice brown. Good start, I thought! It would get better.


A brown under water getting reeled in

The stream fished phenomenal the rest of the day. I never even made it half way up in about 3 hours. Every hole had fish, and the bottom pools were holding nice sized browns and rainbows. I brought well over a dozen fish to hand, and lost a really good sized fish when I tried to keep it from dropping pools and away from some downed trees.


Another nice brown

Even with a bright sun, I tried to keep myself in the shade and keep my shadow off the stream. You had to fish the pool a little longer and through the same run before you would get a strike, so a little more patience needed than later in the spring when if you don’t get a strike, you move on.

Rainbow to hand

It was a great day to end the week. Perfect weather, lots of fish, nobody else on the stream and mayflies in the air. It will be a few weeks before I’ll be able to get out again, but I’m already looking forward to it. If you can get out in the next week in the smokies, get out there!

Video of biggest fish of the day

Video of smaller rainbow

Thanks for reading!


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