Some Smallmouthin

I got a surprise on Saturday and had a chance to fish and fish for a species with the fly rod that I never try.  Our very good friends offered to have stay in their cabin outside of Boone, and fish the nearby New River.  It was a great weekend and super spot to hang out.  I stopped by the old reliable Curtis Wright Outfitters before I left and asked what I should use for flies.  They sold me three flies and one was called a belly dancer, which I thought was funny.

Used my 5 wt and Ross reel with some 2x leader to give it a whirl.  I was convinced I probably wouldn’t catch anything.  Started with that belly dancer, but the 2x wasn’t enough and I was sure I was going to put that big hook in my ear.  So I put on this white and green Clouse Minnow.  It was lighter and I could cast a lot better.  A few casts to the bank and the line went tight!  Set the hook and had my first smallmouth on a fly.  I was pretty impressed.  A little while later I hooked another one near the bank on the same fly.  They are good fighters and my buddy says they really hit hard in the summer.  It was fun and I would definitely try that again.

I didn’t put my camera in by pocket thinking that I wouldn’t catch anything.  Only one nice pic of the New River.


The New

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4 responses to “Some Smallmouthin

  • Owl

    I’m really enjoying your blog. I think I just read most of it in one sitting! Since we’re “neighbors” of sorts, I’ll be happy to “ride along” with you on your fishing adventures! I think what you have here is a great start to a great blog. I look forward to reading more from you – and hey, maybe we can get together sometime to hit some of that GSMNP water we’re both so fond of!
    Tight lines!

  • Jay

    Just discovered your blog thanks to OBN. I’m not sure where you may be located, but I used to live in Knoxville and know a couple decent spots for Smallies in east TN. They are easily my favorite fish on the fly. I fish for pretty much everything I can… still haven’t fished the brine yet, but everything that swims in freshwater in our region.
    Smallmouth fly fishing can be addictive… so be careful… you may find yourself fishing for them more than trout.

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