Couple hours on the stream

Cool day brown

With a few hours to fish, and a very cool morning, I debated about where to go fishing. With opening weekend for hatchery supported waters, I knew there would be fisherman everywhere. Not that I was thinking about the hatchery water; Standing shoulder to shoulder next to people is the exact opposite of what I think a relaxing day on the stream is. But I know that opening day pushes fisherman off there usual spots and into the park, and I don’t blame them.

To rant a little bit, it reminds me of watching fisherman jockey for position growing up Atlantic Salmon fishing. We had a camp across the river, and the parking was on the other side. So wade fishing was popular in three or four runs and pools directly there. But my favorite pool was the ledge pool up river, and if you didn’t have a canoe like we die, you had to hike. To hike, you had to wade across the river, go behind our cottage and take a path to the pool. When a fisherman would start to wade across the river, my grandfather would throw the coffee down, grab the grandson and the gear, and we would jump in the canoe and race the wading fisherman to the ledge pool. We won 9 times out of 10. On the times we didn’t, my grandfather would motor through the pool. That may seem unsporting, but Salmon fishing was very competitive, and getting a pool was the name of the game.

Anywho. I debated about hitting a stream in the park that is closest to me, or hitting my honey stream that is much farther. With my favorite stream fishing so well, I decided to see if the golden goose was still laying eggs.

I got there about 9:00, and it was pretty cool still around 35 degrees. The fishing has been so good lower down that I started in one of the big holes. I hooked a really nice brown after 10 minutes and thought the day may be another great day. The fishing was slow though and the wind was very strong. The sun was staying off the stream and there were no bugs really hatching.

Best fish of the day

I fished a really good run and was letting the fly go all the way through the bottom. A very large rainbow slid down the pool following the fly all the way to the bottom and slowly sipped it in. He followed it so far down that he was behind me down river. When I set the hook upriver, I pulled it right out of his mouth and just clipped his lip. Would have been one of the largest fish I’ve taken in the park, but snaring him for a split second put him down.

Same rainbow, but in his element

Wasn’t having any luck so I moved up river. Saw one march brown (I think, still bad with the flies), and switched up. I got no action on that and switched to a march brown emerger. Caught a very nice rainbow in a good slot behind a boulder. I let the fly sit still and he nailed it clean out of the water. Caught one more small rainbow on the emerger. It was a slower day, but it’s always great when you have some space on the stream and the sound of the water filling your thoughts. It may be a few weeks before I’m on the stream again, but I can keep that moving water filling my thoughts until I’m standing back in it.

A little tailgate coffee

Thanks for reading!


One response to “Couple hours on the stream

  • Owl Jones

    That’s the great thing about our fish…they aren’t too picky about whether it’s a March Brown or a Quill Gordon! I have trouble with the mayflies too and I’ve been trying to ID aquatic bugs now for going on 20 years! lol As always nice photos! Enjoyed the read!

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