Owl Jones Inspired me to make a video!

I haven’t been able to fish in a few weeks because of work (need the money for fishing stuff) and family stuff (need them for love and support).  But I’m working up to a BIG weekend with some of my fishing buds in the Park for a Fri-Sat-Sun fish-a-thon!

Until then, Owl Jones has inspired me to make a video.  They will get better I promise:

2011 Spring Fishing


2 responses to “Owl Jones Inspired me to make a video!

  • Owl Jones

    Hey thanks man. I don’t know if my stuff could inspire you to do a video like that though – it was really cool, whereas mine tend to be …ummmm…..well, i wouldn’t call them “cool” haha. Since we both like to take pics and all that, and since we both fish the same water we should hook up sometime and make a video together. ?

    • smokymountainflyfishing

      I love the Owl videos! We should definitely hook it up and fish and take some videos. I’m gone next week for a quick trip to Maine and then anytime after that we should fish! I’ll send you my email through your website. PS. F Moldy Chum!

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