Chasing brook trout

sunrise in the smokies

Sunrise in the smokies

I haven’t been fishing in a few weeks, and I was getting that jonesing feeling. The rain had been heavy and last weekend looked like a blowout.  We were in eastern NC dodging bad storms anyways. The weather looked perfect for Saturday.

I haven’t caught a lot of brook trout this spring for one reason or another. I’ve been hitting my favorite stream hard this year, and the rainbows and browns have gotten a good size over the winter. I didn’t want to drive the hour and a half to that stream and the price of gas doesn’t help. I also really wanted to target some specks. The closest stream in the park to me is about 45 minutes and I consider that my “home waters”. I was there at little after sun rise.

I was the first one at the trailhead which is always a nice sign. The weather was cool, and I passed some wild turkeys on the main road. With lower water and no wind, I am also finally using my favorite 3 weight. I tied on a #18 Caddis and got moving.

I started fishing a few pools close to the trail. I think a lot of people pass these trying to put some distance down. I alway give it a shot. I missed a fish right off the bat on my second or third cast. A few pools up, got my first brook trout.

I fished the swimming hole next. There used to be some good fish in there, but lately I,m not seeing as many. Moved up and caught a really nice brookie at the head of the pool next to a big boulder.

Small brookie

The next fishing was actively rising. There were a lot of small bugs on the water and a few small caddis. I’m usually not good with rising fish. I’m really good at Getting them to stop rising. First good cast and he bumped the fly. Damn! On this stream, they are usually one and done after that. Put the fly back over him and boom! Another nice brook trout.

Missed a few nice fish and caught a good amount for about four hours of fishing. Got one tiny brown trout to boot. The home waters actually fish pretty tough. They see enough pressure where it’s not their first rodeo. It’s a great spot though in a rush.

Rising Brookie

Sunrise Video

Water Video


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