Maine Troutbum – Day 1

So here was the plan.  I was in Vermont for a wedding/vacation with my wife and to see her in-laws.  My father-in-law had an idea.  After a wildly fun fall trip for landlocked salmon and trout in Rangeley, Maine, we could make a mad dash for a day and a half of spring brookie fishing.  It would be a cast and dash trip.  No frills, and hopefully some thrills.  We would keep it as simple as possible, sleep in the car (him) or tent (me), hotdogs and snacks, and the canoe for lakes and ponds.

We got up at 5:00 am and that put us in Rangeley fishing by about noon.  We hit the first river at the mouth of one of the small lakes.

The first bridge at high noon

We fished this bridge as there was a nice hatch coming off and we immediately started to pick up some brook trout.  There was even a large fish that was attacking the fish we were bringing in, but we couldn’t catch him.  A mayfly emerger was fooling some fish and we were starting the trip out right.  The hatch was ending so we decided to paddle into the lake and up the other side into a slower river.  The lakes and ponds are gorgeous and we were extremely blessed that the only bugs were mayflies and caddis’, not mosquitoes and blackflies.  In the other river we caught a few more brookies on streamers close to the bank.  As the day wound down we paddled back into the lake for the evening hatch.  The lake was clear and the fish were rising.

The hatted f.i.l lands another fish

My father-in-law caught a great majority of the fish on this night, and I managed to fool a few.  Lake fishing is extremely fun as you can spot all the different rises, but I’m not too skilled at it yet.  We fished until dark and made camp at around 10:00 pm.

The average brookies from day 1

On the way we ran into a very stubborn moose that would not move off the logging road.  The horn wouldn’t work, but a few rocks in it’s direction finally moved him.   It was a phenomenal start to the trip!

Gorgeous Maine river

Thanks for reading!


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