Gear Review – Ross Flycast 2

This is my first gear review, and I don’t get anything for free, so it will be limited to the few things that I have recently purchased. Luckily the flyfishing gods have smiled down on me in the last year, and I have a few things to review.

First up is my Ross Flycast 2 reel. I paired this up with my Winston Access 5-weight rod. I have fished this on two trips to Maine and used this combo exclusively during the spring through high water and windy days.

The reel has been a real workhorse. It has done well on small creeks casting dries, as well as large rivers with big streamers.

The Ross Flycast 2

The offset gear-to-gear drag system has actually been the best out of any reel I currently use. It landed two large brook trout with ease a few weeks ago and the adjustment with + and – is easy to understand, and is subtle and smooth. I have beaten up on it pretty well and it is durable. It has scratches but the finish is holding up well.

The only negative on this reel is the weight. Compared to some of the more expensive reels, it is quite heavy. After 10 hours of casting you will definitely feel it.

But the best feature is by far the price. At right about $100 bucks, it may be one of the best values on the market.


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