It’s too damn hot for a penguin…

I don’t care what your political views are, the globe has to be warming for every day for the last untold days to be this hot.  I got up at 5:00 am to go fishing and it was already 80 degrees (I’m not 100% sure but it definitely felt like it).  I had the opportunity to get out, but knew that I would have to get up high to find some shade and cool water if I was even going to have a small chance of catching fish.  I like how even when you know the odds are slim that you can catch fish, just getting out and fishing can be rewarding enough.  You can’t catch anything without a hook in the water right?

Pretty TN creek on a hot day

So as the huge street festival of Bele Chere was going on downtown, I got over 5,000 feet and tried to fool some brook trout.  I was so impressed with the water and eager fish on my last trip to Tennessee, that I decided to do it again.  The water was still cool, but not as cool as before.  I put in and started with a small yellow elk hair caddis.  I missed a couple, and then caught a very small brook trout.  The rest of the day turned into a very frustrating ordeal. With the warm weather, the trout appeared to be very lethargic, and were making very lazy strikes, if they got to the fly at all.  I missed fish all over the place, and moved to a smaller fly.  Still got misses.  I hooked a good sized fish, which may have been a rainbow, and had him for a second and lost him.  This continued for hours.

Little under water action with the crystal clear water

At a large hole that had “Fish Here!” written all over it, I was patient and even saw a small black stonefly.  Changed to a black parachute with no luck.  Put on  #16 black elk hair caddis.  Hooked and lost a fish (big surprise).  Reloaded and put a nice drift through the pool, when a very large brook trout followed the fly for what seemed like forever.  It was 11 or 12″ if it was an inch.  The water was clear and I could see him plain as day.  I knew the fly was going to drag in a cross current, and I was lifting line off the water.  He followed it until the fly began to drag, and lazily went back down.  I tried a larger black caddis thinking that may entice this big guy, but all I could do was get him to roll.  Tried a few more flies, big and small, with no luck.  It would have been a trophy brookie from the smokies for sure.  Oh well, I’ll come back for him.

There's a sulphur in there

Ended up picking up a few fish on Yellow Sallies and a Yellow Adams.  Couldn’t get any pics as every time I got one to hand, they got off before I could get the camera.  By noon the water was warm and the weather was getting really hot, even up high.  I decided to not pressure the fish and would join the revelers at Bele Chere for a little bit downtown.  This weather has go to break for the sake of the fish, and for the fisherman.

Thanks for reading!


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