Uh oh. The Mayfly Sickness is Starting

I think it may be happening. The books, the latin names, I feel it starting, but it’s still early; things could go either way at the moment.

When I first started to fish, I had no idea what a mayfly or caddis was. The only flies that concerned me were the MASSIVE horse flies, and swarms of blackflies that would drive you screaming back to the cabin. The brook trout were willing to take classic wet flies and streamers. Down and across was the name of the game. When the brook trout weren’t biting, it meant it was Atlantic Salmon time and it was again, wet flies. Another fly on the water was just another fly.

Now is a different time however. Fishing the Smokies has made me much more aware of my aquatic surroundings. Caddis play a major role around here and of course mayflies are a huge part of the equation.

Quill Gordon’s in the spring got me working closer to identify the correct fly. Then wondering what fly would emerge next, then what the difference was, then a book of eastern hatches.

So the sickness is starting. Like 28 Days or Outbreak, it seems inevitable.


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