Low flow fo sho

I don’t listen well. I also have a terrible short term memory. That may help explain why I heeded no warnings of low water that I had read everyday for the last week. So I went to a spot Saturday morning that was smack dab in the middle of this low water talk. The water wasn’t just low, it was gone. I tweeted a pic I took when I got out of the car in Tennessee. Bad. Real bad. So after passing a black bear chewing on a bag of concrete (weird I know)where they are doing construction on 441, I turned tail and headed back to the Carolina side.

low, clear water in the Smokies

The water was a little better, but not much. Fished a section of water I always don’t like and picked up one little rainbow. Decided to move on and the water was still the lowest I’ve seen in years and super clear.

A bad day fishing is still better than a good day working, so I found a small stretch of river I really like and tried not to spook the fish. I ended up missing a few fish on an emerged and left two fish with the emerger pattern stuck in their lips. Picked up a few fish and even got my first fish strike and land on video. Not that good, but still having fun with the GoPro.

Here’s the video of the small rainbow taking the fly

Thanks for reading!


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