How I love the Outdoor Blogger Network

When I started this blog, I had no idea if anyone would read it or be remotely interested. From my professional life, I knew that through twitter and Facebook that a few people would see it and read it, but that real reach would be long and difficult.

With a little research I found the Outdoor Blogger Network. OBN. Here was a site dedicated to blogs about tons of outdoor activities, including, wait for it, flyfishing. There are some very talented writers and great blogs out there. They also let this little blog about my trout bumming around the smoky mountains and taking grainy pictures.

This blog has made me try (try being the operative word) to write better, make better content, and learn new things. The site pushes new readers who actually comment and send notes and follow me on twitter.

It’s the real deal, and if you have any interest in the outdoors, you will find a blog about.

Thanks for reading


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