Gear Review: Fall River Flyrods Rod Tube and Great Customer Service

You probably won’t see a lot of reviews about rod tubes on the old internets, as it usually isn’t that big of a deal.  But I ran into a great company that exceeds at customer service, when a big fishing company completely failed…multiple times.  

Here’s the skinny.  I few years ago I bought a Winston 5-weight rod.  A year later the cap of the rod tube disappeared on a fishing trip to Maine because I always leave the cap off in the truck after putting the rod together.  So what do you do?  Naturally I emailed Winston and thought “Hey, I’ve spent a few benjamins on their rods, I’m sure they’ll send me the cap of a rod tube, right?”.  Two or three unanswered emails and a phone call later, no luck.  So I’ll buy a new one from Winston.  Waaaaaay too expensive for a replacement tube.  

Enter Fall River Fly Rods!  I’d originally looked at their site because of the impressive rods being built and hope to own a bamboo rod someday.  I remembered however, that they had custom rod tubes.  So I tweet I’m looking for a rod tube, Julie answers me, I send the size and two days later, I have the tube below.  Lighter than the original tube, already been dropped and shot around the truck, and it’s great.  A week later I got a thank you card and free Fall River furled leader.  

That’s customer service.  They may not be as big as RL Winston, but I’ll be looking at their bamboo first.  Lesson learned.

Thanks for reading and pic of tube below:



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