I am a fly fishing addict. I have recently relocated to scare fish in the Northeast, and I am learning new rivers and banging around MA, NH, and ME looking for fish!  I am enamored with the wild and native fish that are throughout the hundreds of miles of streams around the Smoky Mountains and especially in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and spent years learning every inch that I could. I am not a guide or any kind of pro. I’m just a fly fisherman that likes to discover news spots and fish my old haunts.

I grew up on the east coast of Canada learning to fly fish for brook trout and Atlantic Salmon with my grandfather. I was a wet fly fisherman then chasing large fish, but the seed was sewn for a life long passion.

After a stint in the flatlands for college and starting to work, I spent a wonderful time in Vermont chasing brookies and rainbows, and a flyfishing bride. After moving to the highlands of NC, I began to learn the Smoky Moutains. I spend a majority of my free weekends in and around the park chasing trout. I am in no means an expert, but I think I can find fish and I have a great time.

I have moved outside of Boston in spring 2012. This in no way means less fishing, just more adventures to new locations! I’m hoping to explore more of what New England and all of the East Coast has to offer.

So enjoy my posts and please comment and ask questions!

from Smoky Mountain Flyfishing


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  • Fall River Flyrods

    Your pictures are making me green with envy! It’s still a little chilly here in Southern Idaho…soon though, very soon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Fall River Flyrods

    Thanks! My husband has all of the talent…I’m just the pencil pusher 😉

    If you ever get out this way, look us up and we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour…lots of amazing water around here. We are both originally from Eastern Washington and relocated here partly in due to the vastly improved fishing.

    How do you like the Outdoor Blogger network?

  • Fred

    Great pics and story. I’m JoeFred on the LRO message board.

  • Jason

    I am the owner of Southern Fin Apparel (www.southernfinapparel.com) and wanted to contact you in regards to a blog post/gear review. We are working to build our brand and online presence. We can even offer a trade. We have over 21k followers on instagram we can feature your website/blog too. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in. We are open to any suggestions.

    • smokymountainflyfishing

      Hi Jason,
      I have a trip at the end of the month to Maine that I will be doing a large write up on and can test some gear out. I’ve been quiet with some grad school classes but the season is open so the blog and twitter account with 800+ followers always gets a ton of hits. I can test out your buffs and hats and if you want. Let me know and thanks for reaching out!

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