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I used to be a fish bum

I used to be a fish bum. It’s been a long, cold winter. I’ve been thinking a lot about fishing lately, where to go in upstate NY, where to put the new kayak in for ponds, how I’m going to fair on the Au Sable, or will I look like a fool. Either way, the fishing is coming soon and I’m excited. I used to be a fish bum, and fish every weekend because of local, less responsibility, etc. It was a glimpse in the crystal ball for when I’m retired. I wouldn’t change what I have right now. It just makes me appreciate it more when I can fish. I dream of teaching my daughter how to fish. I just found a stocked stream 10 minutes from the house we are about to move into. I dream of spring vacations in the Adirondacks, bouncing around streams and ponds for brookies. Spring is coming (despite what the other side of the window says), and I’m excited to start again. I used to be a fish bum.


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