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Nymph-o maniac

I got my first day of the season out this past weekend and decided to try a stream in the GSMNP that I’ve never fished before. The weather was nice and got up to 60 degrees, but the water temps were staying cold and never broke 40. Winter/early spring fishing is never my favorite as my nymphing can always use some improving. I know the logic, 90% of feeding takes place sub-surface, two nymphs is a deadly technique. I still want to use my 3-weight and throw #18 dry flies around as the sun is slowly setting.

I went with the logic (which i usually don’t) and put a tandem nymph rig together with an indicator. There were some great pools on this stream and after a while of losing a couple flies I was doing well with slinging the nymphs after a few months off. I fished like barbecue, low and slow, but never even saw a fish. My patience for nymphing could also use some improvement for sure.

It’s a great spot in the park, and the trail that follows the road is very long. I think the next time I try this stream, I’ll follow it from the top instead of the more crowded bottom. A winter skunking is to be expected sometimes and the weather will be improving soon, and will start bringing out the Quills before too long. Sorry the first post is without fish, but things will pick up!

I posted some pics on the left via the twitter account with the iPhone.


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