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Winter scouting

Every winter I like to try and find a few places that I haven’t fished before.  This weekend I got a chance to do a little off roading in my brother-in-law’s FJ, and take a look at a small stream I’ve heard about before.  I was thinking maybe this could be a good spot in the summer when the weather is hot, and maybe this could be a nice shaded cool area to pick up some wild brook trout.

First thing I learned, my truck wouldn’t make it very far without being ripped apart from the bottom up.  Second, I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.  There are some nice plunge pools and a few nice runs, but the water quickly turns shallow and very small.  I think there could be some nice little runs and pools, but it would take a couple of hours to get there and a pretty small chance of fish.  Nice spot and maybe somewhere to camp this summer.

The first winter after I moved to Vermont, I drove up the ice covered Winooski River Rd looking at a large river and wondering how I would fish it. I never did very well on that stretch of water when I was there, but I still remember scouting it out in the winter and getting excited for the spring fishing.


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