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Gear Review: Simms Rivertek Boa Boot

The new Simms Rivertek Boa Boots

I’m that guy. With the Simms gear from head to toe, even I would think I look like a dick. But their gear has proven to me to be one of the best product lines in fly fishing. I have had everything from hats to waders and have never been disappointed.

I bought my last pair of Simms boots a few years ago with felt, and after a couple of years, and countless days on the water, they were starting to wear down. When the new Boa lace system was coming out, I decided it would be between Simms and Korkers. I’m that guy, so I  went with Simms.

The boots have a great fit, and the Boa lacing system really is awesome.  You hate to think yourself so lazy that you can’t tie your laces, but it is so simple and easy.  On cold days with gloves on, or just after a tiring day hiking and bushwacking through the brush, popping these off by just pulling the tab up is extremely nice.  The boot is very light and so far I have not had any comfort problems at all.

The Vibram rubber is another situation all together.  I have never been without felt, and the first trip with these I went sans studs.  Bad idea.  I fell down a lot, and got wet a lot.  Luckily I didn’t hurt myself, but the rubber alone in the Smokies is not a great idea.  The studs were promptly put in, and I still fall. Just not as much.  I’m not sure if this is a byproduct of all rubber soled boots, but I certainly miss the felt on slick rocks.

This is also my second pair of Rivertek’s.  The first pair came up north for a trip to Maine for their inaugural big trip run.  During that trip, I noticed that the Vibram rubber soles had begun to separate at the toe.  Rocks were getting lodged in the gap and you could immediately tell it was a defect.  Needless to say I was a little disappointed in my new fancy boots.  I opened up a warranty complaint with Simms and the entire process was easy and pain free.  Two weeks later I had a brand new pair, and no problems since.  As usual, great customer service from the folks in Montana.

Overall I am very satisfied with the new Rivertek boots, despite of the defect first pair.  I walk a little more carefully and haven’t had any big falls with the studs drilled into the soles.  It’s nice to not have the laces come undone, and get snagged.  I think these are going to turn out to be another great buy!

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