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Father-in-law’s St. Vrain

This is a touch out of the smokies for the next couple of posts. I’m in Vermont getting ready to go to Maine for an overnight speed trip to fish for bigger game with my father in law. In the meanwhile, he suggested fishing the creek that runs through their property. The stream is sort of his own personal St. Vrain. It’s a very pretty little stream, and any stream that goes by your house that floats fish is awesome in my book. I only get a stream in my yard if it rains really hard, with no fish.

This stream fishes harder than it looks. Lots of overhang, lots of spots to get hung up. My father-in-law said to use a red quill, which I thought I had. But I didn’t. Sure enough there were red mayflies coming off here and there. I did have a march brown emerger that has been working all spring and it is basically red, so I put that on. I got behind a big rock where it dipped into a larger pool. A nice sized brown smacked the fly and went deep. He was a good fish and fighter and jumped a few times. For an hour behind the house, it was a great little distraction. Having anything next to your home with even the possibility of fish would be dangerous for me. I have a feeling the lawn and other honey-do chores would go unattended. On to Maine!

Thanks for reading!

A beautiful Vermont creek

Nice VT brown trout


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