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When in doubt, whip the thunderhead out

Fall if officially here, with summer ending on Friday. Almost as literal as the date, the weather has cooled, some rain has moved in, and hopefully the fishing starts picking up with some fall spawning preparation. You have to love fall fishing coming out of the dog days of August and early September. The last time I fished, I saw barren stream beds and very spooky fish.

With some other things swirling around in life, I hit a familiar stream to get out of my own head and relax. I wasn’t looking for numbers, but for a large brown. I read a lot of blogs and see some very big pigs, but can’t seem to find a 20 incher for myself.  I know they’re out there and I’ve set a personal goal to snag one!

Hitting the stream early I started with a small orange stimulator and got a few hits. Not much after that, so I put on a large orange fly similar to a royal wulff. This got the fish moving, but couldn’t keep many on the line! Was able to land one small fellow that prevented the skunking.  Also, had one very big fish (maybe my fish) follow it, but left it alone.  Pulled out the 4wt with a big streamer on it, but he wouldn’t come back out to play.   After that, nothing.

This little guy prevented the dreaded skunking

Moved up river and still nothing moving much. Looked in the box and found an old friend. Thunderhead. Put her on and finally started catching a few trout. Not many, but a few small browns to get the fall started.  Fish or no fish, the fall weather and falling leaves make for a great experience. Time is running out for fishing, and soon the cold weather will be here, maybe even more cold weather for me than anyone even knows.

Video of that day’s fishing

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