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Yes Virginia, there really are brook trout in Massachusetts

ImageBetween moving, “trying” to go to grad school, a new job and family, it’s been a difficult time to try and make some fishing memories around my new state.  A month or so ago (it may have been longer), I got a full day to explore some new water.  There’s a fine line between being comfortable and knowing where you are fishing all the time, and trying to figure out new places and fishing.  Between maps and books, there’s enough information to take a few stabs.  I picked the Quinapoxet one Saturday morning and put some time in.  

After getting a little lost, I mapped out a spot.  When I got to a pull off, there was a guy spin fishing.  Usually, I would think that I was in a horrible spot.  Today, it was like a big red X that at least there were fish in the water.  I moved up river from him dapping a caddis here and there and picked up a couple small brookies.  At least they were there!


After that, it got a little slow.  I followed the map and found a long path into the river and no one else fishing.  After that, I started picking up some very nice brook trout!  There were very nice fish tucked in most fishy looking spots and I ended up having a dozen to hand by the afternoon.  I was very surprised how healthy the fish looked.  I don’t know if these fish are wild, but the colors looked that way.  It started looking like a thunder storm so I headed back to the truck and moved to the next stop by a bridge, and had some real fun.


I’m sure these fish were stocked, but i could see some nice brown trout rising.  I tried a small caddis, and the refusals were quick, and showed me that these fish had seen that fly once or twice.  I switched to a killer emerger pattern that I love to use.  They hadn’t seen this one before.  Two or three casts and I hooked a good 16″ brown who put up a great fight.  With net in the truck as always, I released him as gently as possible.  I saw another good brown rising above me.  I moved to the middle of the stream and layed a couple of great casts and I had an even larger fish on.  One more brown in the pool, and then I was on my way home.  I have no idea if that river fished like that consistently, and I haven’t had the chance to return.  I do know on that day, it was a phenomenal fishery.  Enjoy the pics and thanks as always for reading!








My first Massachusetts Fly Fishing Trip…For Trout

It’s obvious that I’ve been neglecting the blog a little.  Ok a lot.  But cut me some slack. I lived in a hotel room for three months, and am just now in the process of getting settled into our house and getting the internet.  Plus we live in a new city, with new things to explore, a new job.  Lots of changes.  Have I been fishing as much as I would like?  No.  I got a couple of rain soaked hours on my father in laws home stream and picked up a little wild Vermont brown.

One sunny Saturday I did pick a river at random and hit the road in MA.  I was going to fish another spot, but I didn’t feel right because @Deanwo and @AncientAngling were nice enough to invite me to this spot, and I didn’t want to be an internet troll and then fish there river.

I chose a branch of the Westfield river and drove, and drove, and drove until I was basically in the Berkshires.  It’s also the first time I’ve ever paid a toll to go fishing.  Another new experience.

I got lost and started on a small stream that was some other river, and i didn’t see any movement.  Got the DeLorme and found the right spot.  With not a lot of cover the river was very exposed and I was stripping streamers and nymphing trying to see any fish.  After an hour I came upon a pool of rising trout.

Now I usually like to spook the whole pool and blow the whole thing to hell.  But I took my time.  They looked like Quill Gordons so I tied one on.  I started at the back of the pool calmly.  3 casts later I had my first trout.

My first MA Trout

This fish tore through the pool and I thought for sure it would put the fish down.  But they kept rising.  I kept fishing.  I picked one after another out of the rising fish with a #14 Quill Gordon.  Each fish jumped and pulled line out, but the other fish kept rising with the small hatch.

Another nice 'bow

After 10 or so fish, and as with most hatches, the rising was over.  I considered myself lucky and moved on.  After no more fish I came to a bridge in late afternoon and found another pod of rising fish.  Same verse same as the first.  Identical hatch, same fly, and another 10 or so fish.

All the fish looked the same and fought well.  Not sure if they were holdovers or newly stocked, but no matter.  I had a really good day and it was great to get out.  Hopefully the blog is back when I can squeeze it in.  Next up, Maine.

Thanks for reading!

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